GITA 1 - Jake Nguyen's Website

This webpage is for my Computer Science 1 class.
We are learning to code in C# and its awesome of course!
Weare making this webpage to show off our great programming skills.
Click on any image to get a download for the project.

Goodbye Project


This is a project where we had to click buttons to change the flag in the middle It also displays the words goodbye in the language of the country the flag is from. We learned how to use buttons and how to change the text in text boxes.

About Page


This is a page of a company I made up that tells information about it. It also shows how to contact me, what it does, and our achievements. We learned how to use multiple buttons and how to use the visible property.

Mailing Label


This is a program to make your own mailing label. You add in your information and it shows a mailing address you can use. We learned how to use text boxes and how to move text from text boxes to labels.

Car Rental


This is a program that lets you pick out a car to rent out. It also keeps track of the miles driven and money charged. We learned how to use radio buttons, check boxes, and calculations.

BMI Calculator


This is a calculator that determines your BMI. It also keeps track of the average bmi, your weight in KG, and your height in meters. We learned more calculations and practiced text boxes.

Car Rental Upgrade


This is an upgrade on the previous car rental. It now has 3 options of cars and added radio buttons for price. Just a more advanced version of the first car project.

Test Average Finder


This is a program that finds the letter grade of 2 tests from a fraction. It also finds the average grade and the higher percent. We learned how to calculate the average.

Dice Project


This is a project that randomly spins 2 dice and counts the sum. It also keeps track of the number of times a sum was rolled and the percent chance it was that it happened. We learned how to randomly generate number.

Craps Project


This is a program that mimics a game of craps. It has a graphic to note your point and message boxes to tell results. This is the first "game" we made.

T-Shirt Project


This is a program that acts as an online store for T-Shirts. It has multiple different prices, a subtotal, and added accessories. We put all the stuff we learned from past projects into this project.

Slots Project


This is a program that acts as a slot machine with 5 rolls on 3 images. It has a graphic to note your point and message boxes to tell results. We learned how to use random numbers.

Rock Paper Scissors Project


This is a program that acts as a 1v1 game of rock paper scissors. Each side takes turns choosing an image which represents the play they take, and when both pick the winner is chosen. We used radio buttons and corresponding picture boxes to play a game of rock, paper, scissors.

Fish Project


This is a program that randomly moves a fish right to left. If the fish touches a side it adds to a counter and theres a button to make it move automatically. We learned how to use a timer.

Fish 2 Project


This is a program that randomly moves a fish right, left, up, or down. It also counts how many times the fish hits the side of the tank. There is also a "shark" that eats the fish.



This program that displays the result of a NCAA bowl and the past results of the two final teams.

Tic Tac Toe


This program is the game tic-tac-toe, pretty self explanitory.

N! Program


This program has four loops one that adds all the even numbers together, one that adds all the odd numbers together, one that multiplies all the numbers, and one that add the numbers in the fibbonachi sequence.

Basic AI


This is a program where the player moves a turtle and runs away from a straw. The player can also shoot the straw.



In this program the stars move from the center of the window to the four corners of the window.

Fish Aquarium


The fish move randomly across the screen. They get killed if they touch the shark. Bubbles move from the bottom to the top.



you control a tank shooting at a plane

Final Project-Avoid the Asteroids


The player moves the space ship in order to avoid the asteroids coming from the top left to bottom right the longer you last the higher the score.